Big Cat, Small Cat

June 17, 2016

Big Cat, Small Cat. Ami Rubinger. 2009. 28 pages. Abbeville Kids. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

This is a cute picture book about … cats. It’s filled with contrasting descriptions (big/small; fair/dark, sick/well) of illustrated cats. Although we’re not huge cat fans in my household, we did enjoy the book. The illustrations are extremely colorful, and the details are fun/quirky. I also loved that the prose is actually in rhyme, and the final word is blank. The result was that my reader could follow the description and rhyme to figure out the last word (big/small, short … tall). This makes reading more engaging and more fun since they can participate regardless of their reading level. I would recommend this more for a younger child (my reader was 7), so anyone 3-6 would be age appropriate.

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