A March Bride

A March Bride. Rachel Hauck. 2014. 99 pages. Zondervan Books. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.] What girl doesn’t dream of marrying a prince and becoming queen in a faraway kingdom? It’s literally the fairy tale most girls dream of from the time they’re old enough to speak. That wasn’t quite what Susanna, a girl-next-door from Georgia, thought she was getting when she started dating Nathaniel. However, she soon finds herself head over heels in love and facing the prospect of becoming a part of Brighton royalty. The hitch? She has to give up everything she has dreamed of. No small-town wedding with her closest friends and family looking on. No quiet life in America. She’ll even have to renounce her American citizenship. And as the wedding draws near, all her carefully laid plans are coming apart one by one.

Prairie Anna

Prairie Anna. Peggy House. 2012. 112 pages. JourneyForth. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.] Prairie Anna is a historical fiction novel that has Anna as its protagonist. She is the daughter of Russian immigrants who are trying to build a life in the prairies of Dakota. At only ten years old, Anna has a great deal of responsibility in helping her family survive, and throughout this book, she sees a great deal of hardship, including the death of her mother and newborn sister, the loss of the family home, and difficulty of keeping her faith in the face of all of this.