Would You Rather?
Not the Review / March 27, 2017

In my 9-5 life, I partake in a LOT of icebreakers & teambuilders. One quick and easy icebreaker is “Would You Rather?” which goes over amazingly every time.  I found this “Would You Rather?” for readers over at Rachel Poli’s site, and thought it’d be fun to share my thoughts. Check it out! Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? This depends on whether I have all of the set at my disposal or not. If I do, then I’d like to start from book 1 and go through the whole set.  However, if I don’t, then I’d rather just read the standalone and be done.  I do, however, absolutely live for standalones that exist in a literary universe.  Two of my favorite authors right now are Christina C. Jones and Alexandra Warren. They both manage to create fantastic standalone novels that exist within interwoven communities. Would you rather only read male or female authors? I suppose women authors because that’s who I tend to read now. I read a lot of romance, and have only come across one male author so far (Sloane Howell, author of Bossed.) Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon? I prefer Amazon…

Back again!
Not the Review / March 24, 2017

Hey there readers! You may notice that Words on Words is lacking a little something … reviews!  I had a snafu with hosting, so I lost everything! All of my reviews for the past FOUR years … gone overnight. I went through all of the feelings when I realized the posts were gone, never to return: I’m talking Five Stages of Grief, y’all. Finally, acceptance hit. I would have to start afresh. But it’s cool. I’ll accept this as a new opportunity for greatness.  The good thing is that between NetGalley, GoodReads, and Amazon, I’ll be able to recover a good chunk of my reviews.  The bad is that I have to manually add them. So come back frequently as I build back my reviews. Maybe you’ll even see something you missed before! I hope to have everything back up by the end of April.  In the meantime, add your book suggestions in the comments below. Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

Welcome 2016!
Not the Review / January 1, 2016

It’s hard to believe a new year is upon us! Nearly everywhere I turn, I’m seeing people talk about their resolutions this year. Well, I’m going to keep mine short and sweet where Words on Words is concerned: Read 60 books this year. I’ll be tracking my progress with a Goodreads Reading Challenge, and will share my reviews as well. Keep up with me by checking out the widget below! Continue to be a platform for new and indie authors. There are so many great authors doing amazing work. I can’t wait to present new reviews here! Indulge my bookish interests without guilt! Whether by picking up that cool bookmark or sporting that awesome t-shirt, I’m going to let my book-lover flag fly this year. Check my adventures out on Instagram! What are your bookish goals this year?

Pay What You Owe?
Not the Review / June 22, 2015

Amazon quietly introduced a new “program” Kindle Unlimited Pages Read, that is billed as a response to author feedback. Specifically, there were concerns about the fairness of payment in relation to length of books and reader completion of said books. The result is a program that pays authors proportionally based on the number of pages that readers complete. Seeing this from the reader’s perspective (I subscribe to both Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited), I do NOT approve of this program. I realize that I don’t pay any additional money to access each book under these two programs, but I find it problematic.  This new payment scheme unnecessarily penalizes authors for something not only beyond their control but also irrelevant.  When I purchase a physical copy of a book, I don’t pay the retailer for what I read. I pay for access to a full product. Whether I read it or let it sit on a shelf is not material to the transaction.  Just the same, when I purchase an e-book, I do so knowing I have full access to the book, regardless of whether I complete it or the timeline in which I do so. This new program is meant to more equitably compensate authors, with…