Evelyn, After
Kindle First , Suspense , Women's Fiction / October 25, 2016

Evelyn After. Victoria Helen Stone.  2016. 258 pages. Lake Union Publishing. [Source: Kindle First Program.] A girl was dead. A marriage was ruined. And the world just kept going on as if that were all okay, when it wasn’t okay. She wasn’t okay. Evelyn lived a tidy, suburban life. Until the one evening when her husband revealed that he’d been in an accident, one of his patients was involved, and nobody could know a thing about it.  That evening sparked a change in Evelyn and the way she interacted with the world around her. Once a super-PTA parent, she becomes a sulking shell of herself, bent on finding out truth about the husband she thinks she knows.

Outbreak: The Zombie Apolocalypse
Advance Reader Copy , Suspense / June 20, 2014

Outbreak: The Zombie Apolocalypse. 2015. 236 pages. Pants on Fire Press. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of Library Thing Early Reviewers Program.] I’ll cut to the chase – I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of “doomsday” literature, but this one grabbed me and had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time. I was admittedly wary of reading this because it’s about a zombie apocalypse. They’re kind of all the same, whether in film or book, right? Not so much. I appreciated this one because you get a first-person perspective about how someone copes with being in the midst of such a terrifying situation. You see first-hand the fear, the contemplation, the desperation … the entire range of emotions one must feel while staring at what could be the end of days.