Emma and Snowbell

December 15, 2013

Emma and Snowbell. 2013. 28 pages. Sweet Lemon Books. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of StoryCartel.]

In a nutshell, this book is just in time for the holiday season, and if you have a child who loves to sing, this will be great family fun!

Emma and Snowbell is a simple story about a girl and her reindeer. She’s stuck in the snow, and without a sled to get around, she picks a live ride instead. They soar throughout town, having fun with her classmates along the way. The book can be read, but is best when sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

The illustrations are set against a snowy, wintry backdrop, and are bright and fun. This will definitely appeal to younger eyes without being obnoxious to see. They actually have the feel of die-cuts/pop-ups, although they are computer generated.

I definitely recommend this as a holiday-themed read for younger readers. The story is simple and is a good way to use sight words and introduce seasonal terms as well. There is a lot of repetition that will allow a new reader to practice common words or at least come to recognize more difficult words (like reindeer).

This will definitely be on my Christmas Eve reading list with my child!

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