It’s a Firefly Night

November 4, 2013

It’s a Firefly Night. Dianne Ochiltree, Betsy Snyder, art. 2013.  32 pages. Blue Apple Books. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of Edelweiss]

My reading partner is a kindergartner, and we loved this book! The poem was simple enough to for her understand but the message behind the poem was enough to keep me interested, too.

The most compelling aspect of this book really lies in the illustrations. They’re just beautiful. The pages depict open fields with flowers under moonlight, and of course, bright fireflies. They are crisp and colorful and really get across the sentiments of summer.

My only complaint is that this e-version seemed to splice the images in half lengthwise. I ended up holding the Kindle flat to allow two pages of images to show at once. I presume we’d love the physical copy of this book even more.

It’s a Firefly Night would be a fun addition to any child’s library and a great book to use to introduce children to fireflies during summer!

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