Mile High

December 9, 2013

Mile High. Sally Clements. 2013. 87 pages. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

Mile High is a shorter romance novel that recounts the courtship of rich, handsome “Kill,” and Cori, a financial advisor. Their first meeting is physically charged, as Cori coaches Kill through his first flight after a traumatizing accident he experienced five years earlier. It’s even more charged once the two realize and act on their attractions to one another.

As luck would have it, the two are bound for the same Mediterranean island, although for strikingly different purposes. Cori is trying to relax away the effects of a terrible relationship and Kill is there to keep his sister from making what he considers to be the biggest mistake of her life. This gives them ample opportunity to explore their attraction further, but the two still struggle to choose how far it will actually go.

The plot is interesting and engaging, and the dialog is fairly natural. But I was disappointed that there wasn’t more detail around certain aspects. I would have liked to learn more about Cori’s past. You learn that she’s been alone but there isn’t much depth outside of her failed relationship. The same is true for Kill; we know he’s traumatized by a plane accident,but that’s as far as we get to see about him. The reader gets a glimpse of who Cori adn Kill are in relation to their pain and wariness of new love, but not really who they are. Moreover, the resolution to the story is extremely cursory and borders on unrealistic. This is a romance book, so the suspension of disbelief is necessary, but I was left with too many questions to feel satisfied after I read this.

Overall, it’s a decent read, but it’s so short it ends up being unremarkable. I really think the author could have made a more solid book by giving more depth to the characters and really exploring their identities more.

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