Mine to Keep

May 17, 2017

Mine to Keep. Ashley Nicole. 2016. 201 pages. [Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited.]

Noelle has terrible luck with men. That’s why when she begins to fall for her next door neighbor Jaylen, she’s hesitant with good reason. Too bad her hesitance is well-founded: the man has a stalker.

Jaylen didn’t think much of the creepy notes that were being left on his windshield.  Signed SA,  he simply thought it was a secret admirer who’d reveal themselves and keep it moving. That changed when the notes became more angry and “coincidences” in his life became more violent.

Mine to Keep is a fast-paced book, and is definitely interesting.  The plot itself piqued my interest, but the characters kept me going.  The banter between Noelle and Jaylen is refreshing, both in the context of their dating history as well as relationships.  They are playfully flirtatious and passionate, while being open with each other in a way that’s not reckless, but seems invested. Their sexual chemistry is extremely evident, too.  Their interactions with their families are completely amusing, and I’d love to see Jaylen’s brother Jayson at the heart of a book.

The only downside for me is that Mine to Keep was almost too fast.  There was suspense that built up to the revealing of the stalker, but I wanted more detail and wanted more backstory. To her credit, however, the author kept me guessing. I pride myself in being able to sniff out the culprit in most mysteries, but I didn’t see this one coming at all.

I think Mine to Keep is a solid read that features a jam-packed book of drama, balanced well with humor and romance.  It’s definitely worth a read, since it will pull you in and keep you guessing until the end.

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