My Good Morning

January 26, 2017

My Good Morning.  Kim Crockett-Corson, Jelena Brezovec, ill.. 2017. 32 pages. Clavis Books. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

For any parent who has a spirited child who has their own style and timeline of doing things (especially on those rushed mornings), this book will be heartwarming and reassuring. It follows a little girl who pops up one morning ready to go! She recounts all of the things she does to get ready for the day, such as washing up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and getting to her classroom. All pretty mundane things, but she turns them into an adventure, with her parents hanging on for the ride.

Like the story, the illustrations are bright and colorful. The contrast in the characters and items in the setting really POP! The illustrator does an amazing job of conveying emotion, whether excitement, anxiety, apprehension, or love, it’s written all over the faces of this family. However, what pulled me into this book was the cover: it’s not often that I see a little brown girl with a head full of flowing girls. It reminded me of what I looked like as a child, and is what I see when I look at my little girl. The parents in this book appear interracial, so I also appreciate that the book is reflecting a diverse family. In a world where the availability and quality of multicultural books leaves a lot to be desired, this one stands out to me. I have already recommended it to people I know.

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