Nobody’s Side Piece 1-3

April 29, 2015

Nobody’s Side Piece series. Niyah Moore. 2014. David Weaver Presents. [Source: Kindle Unlimited].

This review will actually cover the Nobody’s Side Piece series by Niyah Moore.  I picked these up on Kindle Unlimited because I was looking for something away from the romance books I’ve been into as of late.  These books are definitely interesting, and I appreciated being able to pick them up from Kindle Unlimited as soon as I finished with each.

The story starts by following drug kingpin Rome in his quest to take over territory from his rival, Blaze. Blaze keeps a notoriously low profile – so low that only his right-hand man Kane has seen or spoken to him.  What follows is Rome’s relentless chase of Blaze … right into his own home.  

Perhaps it is more a symptom of the kind of books I read, but I found it easy to put the dots together in the first book.  Once I knew the “big secret,” I was more interested in what came in the subsequent books.  The plot, although predictable, was dynamic enough to have me intrigued about what drama would unfold next.  This storyline strung me along to see where Mylah would trip up and what — if anything — would cause her downfall. She’s not an  unlikable character, but she’s impulsive and not particularly careful about how she does things.  It makes for great antics, but I spent a lot of time wondering “will this finally be it?”

The peripheral stories, especially those with Kane and Precious, make for nice off-shoots that somehow manage to come back to the main story.  I found that in books 2 and 3 especially, the side stories were more interesting that what happened with Mylah.  I could easily see these characters branching into their own novels with more character development and deeper storylines.

The biggest downfall of this series is that I didn’t find the books to be strongly written.  The descriptions were somewhat repetitive and the syntax was simplistic to a fault.   Many of the sentences were less than 10 words, which make it seem very elementary.  They were succinct, but lacked creativity while describing scenes.  This isn’t enough to keep me from reading the books, but it was noticeable.

Overall, this is a really interesting series.  As far as the urban fiction I’ve read is concerned, this one isn’t as well-written but that’s more from syntax than from plot. If you give this a try, you’ll definitely be entertained.

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