May 27, 2016

Numbed! David Lubar. 2013. 148 pages. Lerner Publishing Group. [ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

A field trip to a math museum can’t possibly be exciting. It certainly won’t be life-changing, right?

Numbed proves you absolutely wrong!

When Logan and Benedict sneak away from their group in the Mobius Mathematics Museum, they get zapped by a robot and *poof*! All their math skills are gone. This doesn’t seem like a big deal until they can’t tell time, count change, measure – who knew math was so important to life? (Probably your middle school math teacher).

During their adventures, they Dr. Thagoras, who takes them to a matheteria to overcome their fear of math. The question is do they have what it takes?

This is the kind of book that every math teacher in history would want to give out to kids who insist they’ll never use math in real life. I read this with my child, who doesn’t care for math. They enjoyed the book because it is a fun and interesting story that gets a lesson across without being too obvious or nagging. As a parent, I loved that it made math fun, and I definitely recommend it for older kids, aged 8 and older.

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