Only With You

June 16, 2014

Only With You. Lauren Layne. 2014. 369 pages. Forever. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

Only With You sucked me in and stole my entire day and I loved every second. It explores the complicated relationship between law student-turned cocktail waitress Sophie Dalton and Gray Wyatt, a stoic businessman, that results from a brief encounter while trapped in a Las Vegas hotel’s elevator.

When the Sophie and Gray formally meet a few weeks later, it’s obviously shocking for them, but sets in motion a chain of events that leave the two at each others’ throats and hearts. Although their reintroduction is a bit of a cliche, Layne weaves together a solid story.

The character development is generally solid. The reader is able to get some detail and context behind Sophie’s life choices; however, there isn’t nearly as much on Gray’s motivations. While more detail would have been appreciated, the two are still very developed characters and have enough depth to make them come alive.

I also enjoyed the author’s incorporation of the intertwined relationships that exist between Sophie, her best friend Will, her sister Brynn, and Gray. The four are central characters and their interactions are both humorous and sometimes heart-wrenching. Overall, it was interesting to depart from the main story and see some history develop and propel into another plot entirely.

This is also a technically sound book. Its pacing was on point and there were few flaws. I jumped right into this book, and am pleased to know it is the first in a series. I am sure the next book will be just as captivating as it explores Brynn and Will’s story.

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