Roman Holiday 1: Chained

May 1, 2015

Roman Holiday 1: Chained. Ruthie Knox. 2014. Loveswept. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]

The first part of Ruthie Knox’s serial is a good start to what could be a great story. It pulled me in right away and left me hanging all too soon.Knox presents a story that is easily spread across several books, though I’d like to get them all in one sitting. I will absolutely be checking out subsequent books in this collection.

Ashley and Roman’s introduction is not quite what one would expect, with her being chained to a tree and him seeing how soon she’ll break. Her heart is certainly in the right place — she wants to save a small Florida resort from destruction at the hand’s of Roman’s company. Her grandmother sold it behind her back, and it’s really all she has left. He simply wants to create a massive resort, and her protest could easily derail is business expansion. A tree-hugging nuisance has to be carefully managed to avoid a PR disaster, which means he has to handle her himself.

When a hurricane forces the two of them to evacuate the resort together, their personalities make the story humorous. She annoys the hell out of him, but he hasn’t gained her trust yet. Roman is a brick wall in comparison to Ashley’s emotional outbursts, which makes for funny interactions between the two. Despite the short length, this book began to lay the groundwork for a potentially captivating story.

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