April 19, 2016

Undone. Shannon Richard. 2014. 416 pages. Loveswept. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of NetGalley.]
I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Paige was so relatable that I found myself pulled in to her story immediately. My heart ached for how her life was collapsing in front of her, but was hopeful that she’d have a happier ending because she stayed true to herself and just kept plucking along.

The characters in this book? I either loved them or hated them with all my heart. Paige’s ability to counter the nastiness made me chuckle, and seeing her built meaningful relationships with others had a grin on my face. The author did a great job creating people with depth throughout this book. The reactions they had were completely realistic and I could actually name people in my own life who were exactly like those in the book.

The relationship between Paige and Brendan was endearing. For all its ups and downs, it was honest and I never felt like it was just another “romance novel” romance. They dealt with their fair share of problems, but their responses to it were what I could see people doing in real life.

I definitely recommend this book to others, and I’m planning on reading subsequent books in the series.

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