Bedding the Billionaire

June 17, 2014

Bedding the Billionaire. Kendra Little. 2012. 173 pages. Amazon Digital Services. [Source: personal copy.]

My feelings about Bedding the Billionaire are complicated at best. Overall, it is well-written, but that is only if you consider the structure apart from the story itself.

The book was interesting enough to keep me reading, but I simply could not suspend my disbelief because of the plot. The main character, Abbey, quits her job and ends moonlighting as a prostitute for her PI friend. The result is that she sleeps with womanizing husbands … and accidentally sleeps with the wrong man on her first go. Such is the start of a series eyebrow raising events that were completely implausible or just teetered on the good side of impractical. The ways in which the story is concluded is too over-the-top in the “happily ever after” department.

Generally speaking, this book is easy to read and doesn’t contain major grammatical or structural flaws. Little provide good description and was able to pace her story well. Even the dialogue felt like it flowed appropriately between the different characters.

Bedding the Billionaire could have been stronger, but it is readable. As long as you can get past the plot being a bit over the top, you’ll be entertained.

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