Outbreak: The Zombie Apolocalypse

June 20, 2014

Outbreak: The Zombie Apolocalypse. 2015. 236 pages. Pants on Fire Press. [Source: ARC provided courtesy of Library Thing Early Reviewers Program.]

I’ll cut to the chase – I really enjoyed this book. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of “doomsday” literature, but this one grabbed me and had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time.

I was admittedly wary of reading this because it’s about a zombie apocalypse. They’re kind of all the same, whether in film or book, right? Not so much. I appreciated this one because you get a first-person perspective about how someone copes with being in the midst of such a terrifying situation. You see first-hand the fear, the contemplation, the desperation … the entire range of emotions one must feel while staring at what could be the end of days.

The story is focused on the narrator and his brother ,Danny, who wake up one day to realize something’s not right out in the world. There is an infection that is essentially turning people into zombies. Although they’re mostly safe inside their home, there is no real security — physical or emotionally. The two are able to provide refuge to a family, but this brings with it its own set of complications.

This book has, what I feel, is a significant plot twist. I thought everything had been figured out, then BAM, not so much. Overall, Jones did a great job writing this. The story itself is compelling. But the way it’s written really takes it above and beyond. The dialogue between characters is realistic and believable. The pacing of the story is enough to keep you interested, but isn’t so fast-paced that you can’t digest what’s happening.

I happen to be a fan of zombie movies (and now books), but you don’t have to be to enjoy this book. In fact, this might be a good segue for those who don’t like the gore of film and television. From the first chapter, you’re thrust into the heart of the action and it never stops. This is definitely worth your read!

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