January 7, 2017

Wench. Dolen Perkins-Valdez. 2010. 308 pages. Harper-Collins. [Source: personal copy.]

An amazing work of historical fiction, I was impressed at the historical accuracy yet intriguing style that the author wrote with. I’ve considered reading his many times yet was hesitant. Few can do historical fiction with the flare of Lalita Tademy’s Cane River — honest, accurate and captivating. However, it was a concise review that made me say it was worth trying. I’m pleased to say this author is of Tademy’s caliber. I enjoyed the characters, found myself invested in their future and willing to think beyond what she hinted at. 5 stars, I’d love for her to write a sequel that tells Mawu’s next step or even the results of Drayle’s promise.


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